The workshop is from tailor Erik Wæhrens, who had his workshop in his private house on Western Bridge in Bindslev.

The surname Wæhrens must be marked as a clothes-dynasty in Bindslev. The tailor Holm Wæhrens and his wife had many children, 9 in all, and several of them continued in this line of business. 3 of them, Erik, Poul and Kaj got a business-shop in Bindslev as tailor, ladies-clothing and gentlemen`s outfitting, and to day familymembers of the third generation works with clothing.

Holm Wæhrens was a well-to-do-man, and he had many people working. He extended with shops for ladies-clothing and manufactured gentlemens clothes, contemporary with the tailor-activity was moved out. In this way there was basis for the above mentioned business-shops.

For a long time clothes and the name Wæhrens were connected very close to Bindslev. In the museum a diploma for Holm Wæhrens is suspended.