The museum contains a nearly complete collection of a saddler-workshop, as it was in the country about the year 1900. The tools comes from Holger Sørensen - he was also called "the red saddler", because of his hear. The museum have had it handed over from his son, painter Willy Sørensen. It have been taken just from the place, where it hang in Holger Sørensen` workshop. Everything are nearly as it were, tool board as well as table and sewing machines, and also there is a little store of materials for both the saddler and the upholsterer.

That the two trades had been practised together and by the same person have - as well as we know - not been comment, but Holger Sørensen mastered both trades. He became more than ninety years old, and he worked just for the last.

Originally it have been consisted of two trades about saddles and strops and belts, but as time goes the limit between them became more and more floating, and from 1797 a melting was carried through. After that time all were saddlers.