The workshop for the shoemaker is nearly identically with the workshop, that former orthopaedic shoemaker Erik Olsen had in the town of Bindslev; however a little part of the tools - among others the machine wright in the picture - are from other shoemakers in the neighbourhood. The workshop may be seen to be complete.

The orthopaedic shoemaker build up the shoe to the foot, it was going to match, accurate as in the old days, when you were going to make the shoes just for the person, who was going to use it.

Many of the tongs in the worksop, owned by Erik Olsen were baught direct in Sweden, because under the war (1940-45) and a long time later, you couldn`t get high-class tools in Denmark. When the football-team of the town were in Sweden just after the war, several of the players were asked for buying a fine shoemaker-tong home for the shoemaker.

Working with shoes is one of our oldist trades. It started in the beginning of The Middle Ages, and through the times it considered to be one of the most important in that time.

The shoemaker nearly always had his workshop in nearly atachment to his home, usually in a smaller room in the house.